Incredible Charlotte and her Boudoir Experience!

18th February 2016

We were bowled over on meeting Charlotte at Rare Moments photography studio. Charlotte is showing everyone that there should be no stigma surrounding life with a stoma bag and she has undergone a boudoir experience to show how fabulous she is!

Charlotte's boudoir experience

Charlotte’s Boudoir Experience in Her Own Words…

“Hi Jo, first of all thank you for the amazing job you guys done. I fell in love with every photo and couldn’t chose my favourite, they are all amazing!

I was diagnosed 11 years ago with Crohns disease and all treatment I have tried has failed to get it in remission so I have suffered every day with it.

I first had surgery to remove the damaged part of bowel in 2009 which 3 weeks later the crohns was back–more medical treatment till 2015.

When they had nothing left to try me on, decided more surgery to remove more of my bowl, which has now left me with my stoma.

Rare Moment's boudoir experience with Charlotte

After having all my self esteem wiped away, this surgery really was a big deal for me, being only 30 the stigma of having a bag is massive along with the scars and knocked my confidence even more.

Having a new partner I wanted to feel more confident so a friend recommended you guys!
I was so nervous about being in my underwear that I didn’t think I could do it, but after meeting you in the pre-consultation, I had no doubt and knew I could do it.

On the day, I was made to feel so comfortable, within 10 minutes of the shoot I was absorbing a boudoir experience I will always remember.

Charlotte boudoir experience and wiping out stigma of the stoma bag

I gained everything I needed from the shoot. I now feel confident and sexy and most of all I have learned to love myself the way I am.


Love you, Charlotte! Total respect to you.

If you’re effected by Crohn’s disease or have recently had your confidence knocked, our boudoir experience can give you the necessary confidence-boost your looking for–read our other testimonies to see what boudoir has done for them.

Love from Jo and Team RM