Frequently Asked Questions



Q. do you have parking?

A. No we don't, sorry!
However, we are conveniently situated in the middle of town.
We are a short walk from the train station (direct line from Portsmouth/Brighton/London
We recommend multi-story carpark in Bulbeck Rd, PO9 1HN.
Please note, you CAN park on the road outside after 6pm!


Q. what do I have to bring, how do i prepare?

A. Don't worry, we go through everything in very fine detail at your pre-session chat!
We can give styling advice and you will feel confident in your plans and choices. We also have a range of gowns, heels, jewellery and props that you can choose from.


Q.  can i bring a friend?

A. We totally understand how nerve-wracking it can be, coming to see us! 
You are very welcome to bring anyone (over 18 yrs age) to your appointments as support.
(We encourage it, especially if you need to consider your investment with a partner).
Everyone planning to be in a shoot must attend the pre-session chat.
The shoot is a closed set, so only those taking part in the shoot can stay past the makeover.
If you are taking this journey, just you...that is totally fine - we will be holding your hand as much as you need!


Q. when can i see my photos?

A. At your Reveal Session. Usually 5-7 days after your shoot. It's up to you, so remember to bring your diary to your shoot...
This is an incredibly emotional appointment, you will see yourself in a way you've never seen before!
This is truly a wow moment and simply a matter of selection for you.
After all we discuss at your pre-session chat, you will no doubt have decided how you are going to show them off!
What we often see is ladies walking in expecting to not like them, or maybe just one 'if lucky'. 
Usually this feeling about yourself is precisely WHY you came to see us in the first place.
Be prepared... we are going to knock your socks off. You are going to fall in love.

Q. is it possible to just have my images on a usb?

A. No, we are a full - service, printing studio.
We feel VERY passionately in you holding, treasuring your portraits and being able to show them off immediately.
However, we DO understand the need for digital.
This is why, every portrait you invest in, comes with the HIGH resolution digital copy and a copyright waiver (for printing extras)

Q. what happens to my portraits? how are they stored?

A. Rest assured, we treat your portraits VERY carefully and security is a priority.
We back up our servers to two different locations and will never show anyone your portraits without your written permission.


Q. how can i refer someone?

A. You can pop up to the 'Share the Love' page on this site and fill in the form.
It's that simple!
Please ensure they are expecting our call, or that's very awkward!
We thank you for your referral. The majority of our clients reach us via referral, it truly is an honour.

Q. what if I need to cancel or reschedule?

A. Of course, this is totally fine! It's important to us that you join us when the time is right for you and not before!
Please be mindful of our cancellation terms to ensure that you don't attract a cancellation fee (your deposit on file will be used to pay this).
We have these terms to ensure we can continue giving good service, efficiently to you all. Last minute changes in our diary means someone else can't enjoy that appointment!
These terms can be found on our 'Terms of Service' page below or clearly, in bold at the end of your confirmation emails.