Team RM Shenanigans 2015 ‘Fairytale and Fantasy’

24th December 2015

Every year at Rare Moments Photography, we get together, get creative and have a blimmin good laugh….
It’s SO much fun!

In true ‘Team RM’ style – we had to really pull it out if the bag this year.
We choose ‘Fairytale and Fantasy’ and let loose with the ideas.
We had to select a genre and decided that our very own ‘The Look‘ style fitted perfectly, dramatic and simply beautiful.

Special thanks to:
Jon from for stunning, specially designed and hand made head dresses.
Nikki from for perfect wings.
All our friends and families for their dedication and skill in creating the most incredible costumes.
Team RM – we rocked it!

Please enjoy our short film….

Wishing a fabulous Christmas and a beautiful 2016 to you all!
With love from Jo, Rachel and Team RM