Save unforgettable moments

A photograph can remind you not only of an event or detail, but also of a feeling, a sound or even a smell.

Unforgettable memories of your life!

Immortalize life’s good moments and turn them into unforgettable memories, that’s the power of photography.


Marriage is the most precious moment in a couple’s life. The photos taken at this moment will narrate a beautiful story of this special day that the couple will cherish forever.


The arrival of a new baby in the family is a memorable moment! A photo of its first days will allow parents to remember what they felt that day.



As time goes by, the good times spent with the family accumulate. Taking a family photo is the best way to immortalize these memories.

For an average photographer, taking a picture is as simple as focusing the lens on a desired subject and pressing the shutter button. But to take a picture like a pro, there are other things to consider.

Whether it’s for its resolution or its performance, the right camera is the one that perfectly matches your needs.

In order for the camera to capture what you want, you need to master certain concepts such as framing and exposure.

Photography: an art for everyone!

Photography is a popular art, on which the artist who is the photographer, exposes his perception of the world.

Nature photography

Nature at its best

Artistic photography

Out-of-the-ordinary clich├ęs

Food photography

Pictures to whet the appetite


A picture worth a thousand words

Architectural photography

Focus on buildings and monuments

Travel Photography

To discover a little bit of the world

Colour Management

Colour management and exposure is important to avoid taking photos that are too light or too dark. Exposure refers to the amount of light that reaches a camera’s sensor. Exposure depends on three factors: aperture, shutter speed, and ISO sensitivity, among others, more on

Portrait photography: A picture made with passion

A good portrait is the result of knowing the right technique combined with an artistic touch.

A successful portrait photo

Tips and tricks

A good portrait focuses on the subject. This can be achieved by taking into account certain parameters including shallow depth of field, composition, color, and lighting. When these parameters are set correctly, as soon as a person views the portrait, their eyes will immediately focus on the subject.

A successful portrait photograph says a lot about the subject. When a viewer looks at the portrait, they should be able to derive information or a message related to the subject. A good portrait photographer is therefore one who can tell a story through his or her photographic skills. Technically speaking, there are lenses dedicated to portrait photography that take flattering images of people. In addition to a focal length between 50 mm and 100 mm, they have a wide aperture to minimize depth of field and focus on the subject.

Fashion photography: Posing for a photo shoot

Composition and framing

Improve your photography skills and create a perfectly composed photo thanks to the third-party rule

Perfect framing

Guide and advice

The rule of thirds, also known as the golden rule, is one of the most useful composition techniques in photography. It is an important concept that can be used in all types of photography to produce more attractive and balanced images compared to simple shots where the subject is placed in the centre of the frame.

The rule of thirds is a set of guidelines that help photographers capture the subject of a photo in a way that is pleasing to the eye. It involves dividing any image you want to photograph into thirds, both horizontally and vertically, so that you have nine equal parts. The lines intersect at four separate points. According to one study, when looking at an image, our eyes tend to go to one of the points of intersection rather than to the centre of the frame – so the rule of thirds is based on this natural way of viewing an image.

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