Trends in wedding photography

Trends in wedding photography: What’s popular in the industry

Catch the wave of the latest trends in wedding photography as this realm constantly evolves, adapting to new styles and techniques. The days of staged, rigid photos have given way to capturing genuine smiles and unrehearsed moments. Drone photography, once…

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Light and exposure management: the main ingredients of a beautiful photo!

Photography is an art that can be learned. It is not enough to have a camera and find an idyllic landscape to immortalize to become a photographer. It requires much more than that, including mastering the basic principles, which are…

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Composition and framing: all you need to know about the rule of thirds or golden rule

Third party rules or golden rules on photo composition and framing must be preconditions for the capture of a photo. Find out in this article the golden rules on photo framing. Choose horizontal or vertical framing The orientation of the…

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Photo and depth of field: blurred or sharp?

Today’s cameras are equipped with powerful settings and functions. Without the need to switch to photo editing software, a simple manipulation of the camera allows you to obtain a photo with contrasting areas. It’s all about depth of field. If…

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Can we take photography lessons online?

Photography has become a highly prized art form. For the simple reason that anyone with a camera can enter the field of art and photography. Learning is also very simple in this field. In fact, there are several beginner photography…

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Understanding Online Photography

Photography is an exciting field for those who like to express themselves through images. However, to improve and gain more and more mastery, it is important to practice and especially to understand the basics of this art. Today, the basic…

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What is included in renting a photo studio?

The photo studios are open to the general public, you just have to meet the rental conditions and you will be able to enjoy one or more photo sessions. Renting a photo studio is, indeed, more accessible nowadays. Professional and…

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