Photography is one of the most popular hobbies these days. To help you in your first steps as a photographer, books on photography are a great way to learn as a self-taught photographer, at least in the beginning. Discover here our selection of the best books to learn photography.

Learn the basics of photography

The first thing to learn when starting a new activity is to learn the basics. In this area, "Dial, Set, Trigger! Anne-Laure Jacquard's "Step by Step Photo" is a reference. With a well-structured and well-chosen illustrations, the author has made her book a real best-seller. In addition, you will have the opportunity to put into practice all your skills thanks to the exercises proposed. Haje Jan Kamps' book "The rules of photography and the art of breaking them" is also a must have for beginners.  In his book, Kamps teaches you the rules to follow and teaches you how to better compose and develop your own photographic style. In addition, discover Bryan Peterson's "Exhibition Practice" and don't limit yourself to the automatic.  Finally, to learn how to master light, "Photo Lighting Manual" by Paul Fuqua, Fil Hunter and Steven Biver will be your best ally.

Learn about retouching

In the digital age, photo retouching has become a must. Elizabeth Sancey's " Affinity photo " will help you discover the B.A.BA of photo retouching. You can also get " Photoshop : retouching from A to Z " by Gilles Théophile and Céline Jentzsch. This book is intended for beginners who are discovering the Photoshop software. Finally, the collection Pour les nuls (For Dummies) offers a very adequate book. Julie Adair King's " La retouche photo pour les nuls " (Photo retouching for dummies) will help you discover everything there is to know about photo retouching, from the basics to more advanced methods.

Advantages of learning with books

The main interest of using a book to learn photography is to have a learning support at your disposal. Tutorials on the internet require a fairly good quality connection. As for the training sessions, they are often expensive so they are not available to everyone. However, it is easy to find books at affordable prices. In addition, a book is more practical because it can be carried during practice sessions. Finally, books for beginners are extremely detailed. Most often, they include illustrations to give you examples and practice exercises. If you are a beginner, books for learning photography are a great idea. They will teach you the basics of photography as well as the different techniques to deepen your knowledge.